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Default How to tell which Model I am looking at XE or SE

Hello, I am looking at a used 2002 Xterra which I am interested in buying. How do I tell which model this Xterra is,since there are no decals or badges etc? I am trying to determine if this Xterra is an XE or SE model. It does have the v-6.4x4,power doors,windows,cruise,tilt,NO roof,automatic,nurf bars.Here are the first 12 digits of the vin number if anyone can assist I'd much appreciate it. Thank you

Vin 5N1ED28Y32C
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What you have doesn't tell from the VIN

5N1 - USA-Wagon,Van
E - VG33E
D2 - Xterra
8 - Xterra
Y - 4WD
3 - Always 0-9, or X
2 - 2002
C - Symrna, Tennessee

XE Specs

SE Specs
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Here's a quick easy way to figure out XE's from SE's for model year 2002..

XE's have silver trim. meaning roof rack, side steps, and wheels..

SE's have the dark charcoal roof racks, steps and 4 spoke charcoal wheels..

Here's a picture of an XE. You can see the silver on the grille, side steps, roof rack and wheels.

And here you can see the SE with the SE specific wheels along with the charcoal colored roof rack, grille and side steps..

Also the Supercharged models have the same charcoal coloring as the SE's. But the also offer a specialized set of 17" wheels that where supercharged specific. Below you can see the SC'd wheels.

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I finally got the answer I was looking for as well. LOL I bought an '02 a couple weeks ago. I couldn't figure out if it was XE or SE. I was informed that the SE models had SE badges next to the XTERRA on the tailgate. Which mine does NOT have the SE badge. But it had the roof rack, gear basket, step rails and the protective side guards along the doors. So I wasn't sure if I had an SE without the badges.

Thanks for clarifying. I have an '02 XE/V6 4x4 in silver, similar to the first photo (silver trim and rims)
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Mine is a 2004 - can anyone tell me if it's a XE or SE? Thanks!
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Geez...I'm new and now I'm wondering which one I have.
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