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Default 2003 XTERRA v6 4x4 Starter Remove/install

Hi All...I found this forum while looking for suggestions on how to remove and reinstall a starter on a 2003 V6 4x4...mine failed and it sure didn't look like you had much room to get it out. A couple posting said it was a real pain. Well, I found a pretty easy way and I wanted to share.

1) disconnect the battery cable(s)
2) remove the starter bolts and the wiring on the starter
3) Remove 3 motor mount bolts (you'll see 2 14mm ones looking from the front under the vehicle). To access the 3rd, go through the r/side inner fender ( it also helps to remove the inner fender rubber extender covering the upper A-frame)
4) put a floor jacj under the oil pan by the drain plug (use a flat piece of wood on the jack to evenly ditribute the weight so you don't dent the pan)
5) Jack up the engine until the motor mount is loose (about 2 inches)
6) slide the starter out through the inner slides right out!
7) sl9ide the new one in and reverse the procedure.

This took me about an hour and a half but that included driving to the parts store to pick up the new part and none of the cursing, prying and fighting trying to get it out. Pretty simple actually!

Hope this helps someone else...
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I did this without jacking up the motor.It was on a hoist,though.Not to hard.
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i would never jack up the motor by the oil pan. Big NO NO!
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Originally Posted by Xterra Mike View Post
i would never jack up the motor by the oil pan. Big NO NO!
This is very inaccurate. As long as you use a flat piece of wood (as stated in the write up) to distribute the weight evenly across the pan you will not hurt the oil pan... this technique has been used by mechanics for YEARS! When done properly there is no danger in doing this.

Also keep in mind this is not a method that should be used to raise the vehicle, but only when the motor mounts are being unbolted and to support the weight of the motor only! Do not try to lift your entire vehicle by the oil pan!

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