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  1. dezurtrat
    03-22-2012 12:09 AM
    pantallica, check your private messages
  2. pantallica742010
    03-19-2012 05:23 PM
    okay well first i apologize i havent gotten back to you sooner.... okay my xterra has 211,556 miles and well she started misfiring and diagnostic codes were knock sensor, misfire cylinder 5. i learned the hardway about infamous cylinder 6 and changing the spark plug... after 20 hrs hood removal and upper intake removal and a mountain of choice wordsgot it all back together was okay when i fired her up but she started missing again and it was saying cylinder 5 and then went to mulitiple misfires... it got worse! i did everything right quadruple checking cuz #6 a bitch and well i dont like that engine at all now... plugs and wires are all good and i did the distributor cap and rotor but still is missing bad. cold start is okay then warms up it misses and i checked thethe ignition with that spark tester amd not sure on it cuz it seems dim to me but at idle is really dim revving it gets brighter..... now should it be like that or stay one constant brightness cuz it flickers with the pulse perfectly and all... and fuel pump turns on perfectly but see when you accelerate giving her gas she seems to bog down like a flooded carb flooring it is just awful... hahahahahaha!!! like she is getting too much fuel but its fuel injection so how would that be possible? injectors can only put out so much even if they stuck open... now i split the exhaust and noticed that the only side misfiring is the odd cylinder side cuz that pipe shakes and the other doesnt and putting my hand to feel ehaust coming out tells me which cylinder side is having issues.... and i also have a new code cuz it backfired and catalyst bank 1 system under threshold/ failure and since then you can smell raw fuel coming from exhaust every now and then...... ive read bout others having this same prob but at 100,000 miles and stuff and ended up replacing fuel pump assembly, relay, press. reg. cap and rotors and distributor.... pretty pricy considering the issue... oh and the egr stuff... one guy had replaced tps on top of all that... adding it all up after tax i am considering putting a different engine and not another 3.3... thing is a nightmare!!! lol! but they had done all that and fropm their stories i know they are not diyers or really dont have a basic understanding of the internal combustion engine.... so i am asking what your opinion is and i know its hard to say cuz you havent heard seen or felt the issue.... im thinking distributor itself needs replacing but a new motor would be nice..... and if i was to drop a new engine in herwhat types are compatiblewith her tranny? like i know chevy is good with toyota and all but unsure with nissan.....
    i thank you for listening to my issue and appreciate you taking the time to answer back.
  3. fuzzytek
    03-06-2012 10:39 PM
    I just ordered my parts. What pictures are you in need of?
  4. dezurtrat
    12-08-2011 11:05 AM
    Yea, ask away. Either post in one of the forums or send me a PM
  5. pantallica742010
    12-04-2011 12:52 PM
    howdy.. i see you are in! I am in Casa Grande.... im new to this forum... i see that this forum is not that old.... well anyways nice to see someone not far away on here... if it is possible id like to ask you your opinions on a couple questions i have... ive got a red 2000 xterra se 2wd... she has a lil over 208,000 miles on her... runs great.... but i do have a few questions and since you live in the desert too and not far from me i would love to hear your opinions...i think this is a visitor message... new to this forum so... lol1

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